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10th October 2015

Create, communicate, connect. (Building compelling brands).

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If you need to build a brand from the ground up it makes sense to start with solid foundations.

Here at NextBigThing we specialise in creating brands that are built to last, that don’t need to be rethought or constantly repositioned. We achieve this by using our very own Discover, Design, Deliver process that allows us to confidently approach any project in a range of sectors from real estate developments through to luxury goods. For example

When we were invited to work on this project we quickly discovered that the initial challenge was that we needed to create buy in on a comprehensive proposal and capitalise on the positive mood associated with The Corby masterplan. We are very familiar with the need to engage with a concept or change a perception so investigated the existing situation including the business goal, the audiences involved and the range of needs they had.

Once we had this insight we were ready to create the bespoke planning submission utilising the existing Willow Place green and transforming this into a vibrant gradated colour palette and hand drawn architectural sketches and applying this to an entire suite of marketing materials.

This bespoke planning submission we designed reflected the robust commitment that Land Securities had to the project and the development of Corby. Local audiences were engaged and informed through a range of marketing materials that embodied this new approach.

Land Securities were very happy with the result with both the public and council responding positively to the planning submission. The success of this project now means that it has been set as the benchmark for all Land Securities’ future submissions.

“NextbigThing understood the complexity of the submission and created a distinctive and unique solution”

Lindsay press, Land Securities

The above is a prime example of the importance to create buy in from the very beginning of a project. Sometimes it can be harder to create a perception rather than alter one, a great example of this challenge is:

We were asked to create a new identity for an organsiation formed by the merger of two giants of the New York dance scene with established identities and values. The solution would have to reflect the best aspects of both while creating something new for both groups to own and grow as one.

Strategically creating an organisation model that focussed on the cross genre collaboration of artists, we created a name that reflected this new approach – New York Live Arts. The resulting brand marque captured the energy and dynamism of the new organisation, and neatly illustrated the core proposition of bringing talent together.

The brand goes from strength to strength and continues to be the most talked about arts organisation in the city. The new perception of the brand truly reflects its nature as it brings two worlds together seamlessly.

So if you have the need (or even just considering) to create something brand new, either from scratch or by combining two or more entities, then you need to talk to an agency that truly loves its brands and what happens to them – us!

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