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East London is arguably evolving faster than any other part of London, yet negative perceptions of the area still exist. Given the task of presenting the district as a viable and compelling destination for business, we went about identifying and challenging these misconceptions.

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We built a ’knowledge bank’ of success stories from the Stratford area. From niche artisan bakeries to independent craft breweries, musicians and film makers to high fashion we identified tangible and positive stories. These real case studies directly challenged the perceptions of the area and gave us the ammunition to make people think again about the area as a business destination.

We created an ongoing, quarterly guide to Stratford that we called ‘Collide’, a design-led collection of the new ideas and businesses thriving in the Stratford area. The publication was part lifestyle-led and part directory; the latter including fascinating and innovative places to visit in the area. The publication proved so popular in its first run that the edition was reprinted, and subsequent editions continue to reframe and change perceptions of the Stratford area.


  • Copywriting
  • Editorial Design
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Campaign

Stratford Champions

Collide East