Retailer Leasing Materials

Capital Shopping Centres

In an increasingly competitive market, Capital Shopping Centres came to NextBigThing to update the presentation of their portfolio and reflect a strategic target of being the UK Landlord of Choice. The new look had to reflect both the needs and wants of their diverse range of customers but also convey the aspirations of the Capital Shopping Centres’ group.

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Combining our extensive in-house knowledge and experience of the retail market with specifically tailored research and investigation, we identified the need to promote both the strength and experience of the entire group whilst highlighting the specific benefits of the individual locations. We commissioned a series of contemporary fashion images that reflected the key demographic of each of their locations, supported by a newly commissioned suite of architectural studies that showcased the centres themselves.

The new collection of fashion inspired images created a fresher, more relevant presentation of the Capital Shopping Centres to their retail customers. The architectural approach to presenting the physical environment allowed for a much cleaner and direct way of conveying the spaces and what could be done with them. This approach of combining the aspirational imagery with the practical explanation of how the space could be used ran across a suite of online and offline materials.


  • Art Direction
  • Print Materials
  • Digital Materials
  • Information Graphics