Land Securities

NextBigThing were asked by Land Securities to create a show of intent – an innovative way of demonstrating their ongoing involvement in the regeneration of Corby. The piece needed to raise the profile of the town, increase awareness of what was happening and communicate Land Securities’ ongoing investment and development in the area.

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Our solution was to capture the town’s distinctive character within the pages of a unique book. Wittily Entitled ‘Corblimey!’, the book revealed a history and heritage as rich and varied as a patchwork quilt. Taking the form of a miscellany, it shared with the reader a collection of uncommon knowledge and trivia relating to the town, its people, its past and its future. Extensive research unearthed historical and factual points of interest that were brought to life using commissioned photography and illustration.

Corblimey! set the tone for the quality and investment that Land Securities were making in the town of Corby and has become a beacon for the ongoing regeneration of the area. The book is available in local libraries as an historical reference and a large number have been donated to local schools. Award-winning Corblimey! has become a real collector’s item.


  • Concept
  • Research
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Launch Materials