Willow Place

Land Securities

NextBigThing have often been asked to create a brand for something that is yet to be created, with the project playing a key role in the successful bid and construction of the project. The work we did at Willow Place Corby is a perfect example of where our branding has helped initiate and secure a prolonged period of development for our client.

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Willow Place, Corby

For any development its brand needs to start work long before any ground is broken, and then grow with it to opening and beyond. Willow Place is a perfect example of this where the new brand had to convey a sense of growth, optimism and positive change in Corby. One of the biggest challenges was that it had to be relevant to potential retailers, without alienating existing Corby residents.

We created a frank and open approach to the brand messaging, using tangible facts that demonstrated the development’s progress. The affect was that consumers and retailers could quickly understand the scale of change and the positive benefits this would bring. By creating this frank narrative the brand attained and maintained a positive relationship with the community.

Evolution Corby Submission

One of the biggest challenges of any new brand is to successfully reflect the underlying ambitions or desires that drive it. A great example of this can be seen in the creation of a new sub-brand for the Evolution Corby Submission, a detailed proposition for ambitious town centre redevelopment.

The obvious challenge was, with five ringbinders, two lever arch folders, A3 architectural drawings and digital content, the application planning documents for Corby Town Centre were never going to fit into a slick slimline wallet. The bespoke box we designed, however, with matching suite of folders and document covers, was a robust reflection of Land Securities’ ongoing commitment to the project.

The result was a far stronger and cohesive proposition, that reflected confidence and assurance before a single word is read or considered.


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